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This is the first official photo from my series ‘In Their Element’ to be released. I was so suprised when I asked  photographer Tamara Dean if she would be interested in playing a part in this project – she said yes before I’d even shown her the work (this is testament to how open and generous Tamara is as a person and artist). I’ve always loved and admired Tamara’s work for the hauntingly beautiful narratives, the level of intimacy and trust she shares with her subjects, and the freedom her images portray. It’s Tamara’s receptivity and abandon that made the experience of photographing her so special.

Working on this series (‘In Their Element’) has given me the opportunity to explore the quiet determination and solitude of the artistic spirit. The isolation. The combined resilience and openheartedness required to overcome the many challenges that artists face. This photograph was taken at Tamara’s home in Sydney’s southwest. Hanging in the background is a canvas of her work ‘The Pack’.

I’m delighted that this image is one of 40 photographs selected this year for the 2014 Head On Photographic Portrait Prize finals, and will tour with the festival from Australia to New Zealand, China and the U.S.