In Their Element – Yael Stone, Astoria, 2014

Yael Stone. Photographed for In Their Element.

Thanks very much to Capture Magazine for the interview and feature on my series In Their Element.

‘In the age of digital imagery, social media, and online news, the lifespan of visual content and photo essays has arguably diminished. As photographers cover events on their iPhones, Instagram it from the scene and upload to Squarespace simultaneously, it would seem that the efficiency of technology has facilitated the ephemerality of practitioners’ engagement with their stories. But for Australian portrait photographer Alex Vaughan, commitment to long-term storytelling is paramount. So much so that her series, In Their Element, seeks to span the majority of her flourishing career. Thirty years to be exact. Sam Edmonds gets an insight.’

Read the full article and see the pictures here: The Story Of A Lifetime

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